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The Big Questions


We know, at a fundamental level, that we can't go on like this.

After a good few years of working in and around organizations, it seems that the patterns are plain to see: we are all looking for something more than simply 'profit and growth' but no-one is able to justify or articulate the alternative; we all know that we need to 'engage our people' if we are to inspire and lead, yet only one-in-eight of us are committed to our jobs; we know that 'sustainability' is critical to our survival but, at best, our efforts are simply inadequate; everyone is saying that our organizations should be more entrepreneurial and embrace change yet we wrap up our risk takers in red tape.

And we are stepping away from our conventional, hierarchically organized businesses and institutions in record numbers....

We seem to 'know' far more than we can actually 'do'. We can feel in our bones that there is 'something out there'...


So what will you choose to create?


How can we bring the blurry images of vague possibility into a sharp, new vision that will enable commitment and action? How can we create the conditions for innovative thinking to spark and catalyze new ideas, projects and propositions that will genuinely lead to something different? What leadership roles are available to us?

Here are some of the key questions of purpose for you to ask yourself if you are considering whether to seriously take on the life that wants to live within you.

What are you noticing?  We are finely tuned to our environments but can only rationally 'decode' a small proportion of the data our world presents. What are you noticing in your body?  What happens when you choose an unfamiliar way of working in the world. How can you extend your range?

What is at the edge of your perception?  What are your dreams and intuitions telling you? What of the half-held hunches that drift away obliquely when you think they might settle? What is lying in your peripheral vision that vanishes under your direct gaze?

What brings you to life? Where do you find energy, passion and commitment? When do you find yourself drifting into 'flow' when time seems to stand still and you become fully absorbed?

Where do you feel moved to make a contribution? What is it that you would stand for? Where do you find cause? When are you compelled to make an offer? What is the quality that, in this moment, you could bring?

What is the first experiment you could undertake? Where can you dedicate space to support the first step? How could you specify a small prototype that could give you information about your preferred future?

Who are your fellow travelers? We are both enabled and constrained by our friends, colleagues and wider social relationships. Who can help you establish a different identity? Who can help you work through transition and challenge?

What are you prepared to let go of? How can you release that attachments that hold you back? What are the sacrifices and trades that we can make in service of the changes we need to make?