Your Vision of the future begins with You...



In life and business, your sense of the future is critical to your fulfilment and success, and the way we 'see' our world is intimately linked to the potential we are able to explore.


I can work with you to transform intuitive, imaginal, creative aspirations and visions into expressions of value, purpose and resilient action.


Using research-driven, leading edge practice, I will help you to develop your capacity for effective visual thinking, mindful dialogue, collaboration and creativity. Together, our work will bring quality and rigour to visioning processes which enhance personal and executive development, better team-working and innovative strategic change.  

Dr. Steve Marshall



The Big Questions

Our habitual focus on efficiency and effectiveness, productivity and profit, hierarchy and control are not enough in a world that offers enormous social, environmental and ethical challenges.  I help my clients to consider some of the big questions related to the potential of generative work, social justice,  creativity and sustainability while developing  passion and commitment for their vision of a better world. 



The Work

My consulting, coaching and facilitation work includes executive board strategic conversations, action learning, team, group and individual engagements,  inquiry, ethnography and dialogue.  Whether we use digital photography, social  media, virtual techniques or 'post-its' and 'stickies', we will work participatively to develop vision and visual thinking, extend language, transform thinking and spark resilient transition.  


Taking seriously the idea that vision and visual might be connected....


"What is the point of vision, strategy or leadership when the future is unknowable?"

"How do we tell if we are 'at the leading edge' or simply pushing too hard? Where is the line between inspiration and delusion?"

"How are we nurturing engagement and creativity; connecting ourselves into the relationships that will support resilient change and transformation?" 

"My work addresses some of the enduring questions that both enable and constrain organisational effectiveness."  

"I literally put my clients in the picture, helping them to inquire into their sense of identity and capacity as leaders, strategists and change catalysts."

"Engagement requires us to 'be seen' and 'see' others; imagery promotes insight and cuts through habitual responses to change."


"Steve has a wonderful capability... work with complex situations and dynamics, with a grounded and calm personality, remaining clear and focused under all conditions. He is very intelligent, straight forward and honest in his dealings with his clients, whilst also being innovative, supportive and insightful."  

(Caryn Vanstone, Ashridge)

"I love Steve’s work.....

......he finds a way to show people as he sees them, in all their beauty and humanity.  His pictures are potent because he gives us an image of ourselves not normally available to us."  

(John Higgins, co-editor, The Change Doctors)

New Projects: 



Who is holding the 'vision' that has the potential to genuinely change the way we think, work and live in a way that is commensurate with the finite resources of our planet?  This is an ongoing photo-dialogue where I am working with the 'visionaries' who are imagining a new paradigm which will enable us to live and work together in effective organisations that also bring ecological and social integrity.