Images and words that connect us... ourselves and each other, to our teams and groups, to our organisations and our worlds, to our dreams and visions.

Executive Coaching

We each hold a vision of our world which informs our individual actions but, when we catalyse conversations which enable the expression and articulation of a shared vision, we find the capacity for genuine commitment and exceptional effectiveness.   

Organisation Development

Working with businesses, institutions and individuals, we bring into focus the vision that achieves positive engagement and relational shift. We enable creative personal change, group transformation and radical organisational development.  

Action Learning

Photo-Dialogue uses visual methods to support action learning, research, ethnography and dialogue.  Whether through using digital pictures and  social media or 'post-its' and 'stickies', imagery extends language, transforms thinking and sparks resilient change.  

"That seems to me to be the beauty of Steve’s work; he finds a way to show people as he sees them, in all their beauty and humanity.  It’s so potent because he gives us an image of ourselves not be normally available to us." (John Higgins)

"To see oursel's as others see us."  (Burns)

"Photography is a tool for dealing with things everybody knows about but isn’t attending to." (Emmett Brown)

Latest Photo-Dialogues:  


We chose Liberty (12 Mar 14)

There's been a Golden Retriever sized vacancy at P-D HQ for the last few months and, though we have really missed Bracken the Wonder Dog, Liberty is doing her best to steal hearts and generally cause chaos.  It seems that there has been... More...



The Editor when words run out (6 Sep 13) 

I've been struggling with this image of John, the editor of our forthcoming ADOC book. Yet, when I say 'struggling', I'm absolutely fine with the idea that this picture expresses the essence of a conversation we had when I asked John to make an image with me that would say something of himself and his editorial work.  More... 



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New Projects: 



Who is holding the 'vision' that has the potential to genuinely change the way we think, work and live in a way that is commensurate with the finite resources of our planet?  This is an ongoing photo-dialogue where I am working with the 'visionaries' who are imagining a new paradigm which will enable us to live and work together in effective organisations that also bring ecological and social integrity.