Photography and digital imagery used to change the way we work and live.

This website is for creators, leaders, consultants, coaches, strategists, freelancers, solo-preneurs, change agents, shifters, entrepreneurs, innovators, provocateurs, dreamers (and anyone else...) using the magic of digital imagery to see differently and find new visions for work and life.

About Me

Hi! I'm Steve.

Thank you for calling in at Photo-Dialogue!

I'm a photographer, coach, consultant and academic who's been working with image and vision for some time now. I help people find creative ways to work with some of the difficult and complex problems that we all endure as we make our way in the world.

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Taking seriously for a moment the idea that vision and evocative visuals might be connected....

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"I dream of visionaries living in every neighbourhood."
                                (Laura Sewall)


The Big Questions

Our world is moving fast.

  And the call for positive change is clear.

I don't have any easy answers. But we can work together on questions like how to find generative work, imagination, social justice, creativity and sustainability, while developing the passion and action that leads to better lives. Would that be a start?


#VisionInquiries: James

... the doors of London’s V&A Museum open to the patiently waiting crowd and… nothing happens

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"I love Steve’s work.....

......he finds a way to show people as he sees them, in all their beauty and humanity.  His pictures are potent because he gives us an image of ourselves not normally available to us."  

(John Higgins, co-editor, The Change Doctors)

"Steve has a wonderful capability... work with complex situations and dynamics, with a grounded and calm personality, remaining clear and focused under all conditions. He is very intelligent, straight forward and honest in his dealings with his clients, whilst also being innovative, supportive and insightful."  

(Caryn Vanstone, Ashridge)